The animation website jeeyin suspected to have been blocked in response to short term can not open

sina science and technology news December 4th evening news, today, there are a lot of micro-blog users said that the animation site and other animation and animation sites and other sites were blocked, the site has been unable to open. This will be followed by all the film and television, Sagittarius and another round of copyright issues due to the closure of the film and television sites.

Sina Technology 4 evening found that the shadow of the animation ( and animation Garden ( site has been unable to open the two.

shadow animation official micro-blog @ shadow subtitles club KTXP said in a statement late in the evening, we do not speculate, but in the short term is not open to BT stations and forums. Recently our group of subtitles will be released at the official blog. Hope to understand and tell the friends around."

animation garden official micro-blog @ anime garden resources network, said in a statement: please use this address temporarily". (munan)