Liu Qiangdong Dong Mingzhu the two dialogue we are masochistic entrepreneurs do not love to rest

Tencent Francisco November 8th, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu and Jingdong chairman Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) today in a dialogue on the activities of the forum, the two sides of traditional manufacturing transformation, the UAV logistics, the pursuit of quality and other topics discussed.

the two sides first talked about the brand, Dong Mingzhu said the brand must have three aspects of quality, technology, cultural support. Liu Qiangdong said Jingdong and GREE are consistent pursuit of quality. The ultimate way out of any country’s economic transformation must be quality, quality can form a brand, and then have a good electricity supplier channels, the three together to protect the economic transformation." Liu Qiangdong said.

for the cooperation between the two sides, Dong Mingzhu said that Liu Qiangdong is the easiest to deal with all the cooperation, he never talked to me about the price, and I never because he did not talk to me about the price on the bully him. Liu Qiangdong added that two people are "masochistic" entrepreneurs, working ten hours a day, do not love to rest. Let them stay on the beach for a few days without doing anything.

Liu Qiangdong also revealed the progress of the UAV project Jingdong, Jingdong has been in four provinces to get a UAV flight license, but specifically what the province of Liu Qiangdong did not disclose. In addition, Jingdong is developing unmanned warehouse, no refueling truck, unmanned distribution belt, no customer service and no visitors (intelligent terminal delivery robot).

Liu Qiangdong said in the Internet plus wave, changed channels and manufacturing end end. In 2009, when Jingdong entered the home appliance industry, the profits of the entire channel is far greater than the brand, the entire industry manufacturing profits have been taken away by retailers. But by 2015, the entire Chinese household electrical appliance industry’s net interest rate has exceeded 5%.

in the dialogue, Dong Mingzhu publicly responded to the question of the outside world for GREE phones, Dong Mingzhu said GREE phone is not doing a good job, but now has not let go. GREE not only to do the phone, but also to do new energy vehicles.

at the same time, Dong Mingzhu also responded to the topic of the traditional manufacturing transformation, said the traditional and traditional thinking is mainly. The traditional thinking decision you have sustainable development, and we use modern thinking can achieve win-win or win-win.