Vice Minister of public security Zhang Xinfeng talk about the fight against pornography network oper

according to the special action to combat Internet pornography is the voice of the masses, required by the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of information industry and Information Office of the State Council and other 10 ministries jointly organized an important on the Internet pornographic and other harmful information, special attack, governance. The focus of special action is in accordance with the law, against the spread of Internet pornography and other illegal activities, clean up online pornography and other harmful information, strengthen the management of the Internet according to law, carry out the Internet industry self-regulation, for the broad masses of people, especially young people to create a harmonious, civilized and healthy Internet environment. Since the special action since April 12th to carry out the deployment, all localities and departments attach great importance to carefully organize, implement, organize Internet service units to carry out online pornography and other harmful information inventory, clean up, focused on investigating a number of online criminal cases, to effectively curb the spread of pornographic and other harmful information on the Internet has made preliminary results.

as of May 15th, a nationwide clean-up, delete online pornographic information and other harmful information of more than 16, of which more than 9 pornographic information, fraud, Liuhe lottery and sales of contraband and other harmful information of more than 7; shut down illegal websites and online information service programs in more than 4800 public security organs at all levels in accordance with the law; investigation Internet pornography crime more than 1170 cases, detected 244 Cases, arresting criminal suspects more than 270 employees. Special action in depth, has been the broad masses of the people fully affirmed and enthusiastic support. A month, the national public security organs received reports online pornographic information clues 12 thousand times. The masses by telephone, SMS, online message, and keep abreast of news clues and other forms of active participation and support of special operations, some people also actively offer advice and suggestions on the green line, establish long-term management mechanism of the network has made a very good opinions and suggestions. Sina, Sohu, NetEase and Tencent and other domestic portals to respond positively to the special action organization to carry out a site of harmful information self-examination, shut down some problems often out of the column, strengthen the harmful information management.

currently, pornographic information on the territory of the site before the special action to carry out a more substantial reduction. However, on the Internet "yellow" the wind has not completely stopped, domestic Internet pornographic information is not clear, outside the Internet "yellow" source is not completely blocked. At present, the domestic online pornographic information is mainly concentrated in a small number of Internet data centers on the creation of small sites, forums and chat rooms, as well as mobile sites and peer to peer networks. From the recent public security organs cracked the online dissemination of pornographic information published cases, above these pornographic websites on pornographic films, 90% pictures from abroad, especially Chinese pornographic websites outside. In view of this, the next step, the special action to hand combat, on the one hand, governance rectification, continue to increase for pornographic and other harmful information clean-up efforts, concentrate on solving a number of influential cases, destroyed a number of online criminal gangs, the earthquake.