The movie website link bundled advertising alliance earn 2 million cousins was arrested for allegedl

– Morning News reporter Wu Jun correspondent Wang Minyi


hours the erection of the film website, spent 800 yuan per month rental server, Wuhan cousin Zhang Qiang and Tian Long using the website link, infringement of television copyright in two or three years from Baidu Union, Taobao alliance illegal access to advertising costs nearly 2 million yuan.

in December last year, the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Gulou Branch network police brigade received an investigation by the police investigation unit, the unit has a server in Xuzhou. In January this year, Zhang Qiang and Tian Long in Wuhan has been arrested.

"technical control"

forum to build website technology

"after 80" Zhang Qiang university is a computer science and information technology, income is not high after work. A 2010 movie website browsing on the Internet, the germination of the idea of making money to do a free video website, the forum in learning, master the method of Zhang Qiang, then registered the domain name, renting a server in Wenzhou, the erection of the film site, and named the 77 free movie network. Zhang Qiang through automatic collection procedures, without any authorization rights, successively from the Baidu video resource station and Kazakhstan cool video resource station, automatic collection of more than 5 movies of the link, in the form of P2P for users to watch.

Tian Long is a strong cousin, although not through the university professional learning, but it is a technical control, familiar to all kinds of knowledge of Internet technology. July 2011, Tian Long dissatisfied with the movie site often out of the ad page, intends to do their own video site. Tian Long like Zhang Qiang, like the creation of the (fast cool free movie network), and collected a large number of unauthorized copyright authorized film and television works link.

Zhang Qiang and Tian Long often through forums and chat software and friends to exchange the experience of building a website to learn how to maintain the promotion of video sites. Gradually, the two infringement video sites have a certain popularity, some of the infringing works, such as the number of hits or even millions of times.


get high yield

in the 77 free movie network and fast cool free movie network has a certain amount of traffic, Zhang Qiang and Tian Long, respectively, the registration of the various ad union account, binding the domain name and bank card. Advertising advertising alliance in infringement of video website position, users login infringing video website to watch the video, click on the page or selectively pop ads, advertising click through rate and traffic and settlement costs of Zhang Qiang and Tian Long. The end of each month, Baidu Union, Taobao alliance will be advertising on time into Zhang Tian Long and bind the bank card or the Alipay account.

according to Zhang Qiang said that he built the site quickly, as long as a few hours, while renting the server, the average monthly will not exceed 800 yuan. From March 2010 to create 77 free film network so far, he has earned more than 50 yuan of illegal income. And Tian Long willing to invest in the United States