Vip com genuine myth end suspected of selling counterfeit luxury

Tencent science and Technology Ming investigation team reported on November 25th

compared with the surrounding lively, only second km away from the airport in Baoan, the west side of the Tong Tong industrial area, normally quiet. For the bustling Shenzhen, the place is no longer common, however, various types of factories and small and medium enterprises gathered here, skilled workers and small traders constitute the main floating population.

and calm behind, a large number of counterfeit counterfeit expensive Swiss watches, jewelry sold over the past few years from here to all parts of the country.

technology insider to the Tencent revealed a suspected sale under a pseudonym for "dawn watch" company is located here, and the company’s sales channels, is and other electronic business platform and TV shopping platform.

"fashion luxury diamond watch, 100% true drill, Swiss clock master handmade, many Olympic Games designated brand movement." This is the dawn of the industry for its own official home sales product introduction.

watch dawn office address (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology query data found in the dawn of the industry registered in 2003, the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan, the legal representative called Zhijun bear, the company’s main business includes sale, buy watches watches assembly design, annual turnover of nearly 50 million yuan.

when the Tencent rushed to Shenzhen science and technology carries on the investigation to the dawn of the industry, found that the company has been deserted. The dawn of the industry in Tang Xi second Dong Industrial Zone C, this is a dilapidated three storey building, part of the window is firmly blocked, the door is tightly locked. The security door to the Tencent of science and Technology Industrial Zone, do not know exactly what the dawn of the industry engaged in business, but should watch the.

The Inspection Bureau of Shenzhen city

market insiders confirmed to the Bureau of science and technology Tencent, this year in the investigation on the market "Swiss Royal Piaget" advertising law, found that the alleged false advertising propaganda and other illegal content, and it is the dawn of the industry involved behind. Inspection Bureau then conducted a surprise inspection of the company.

it is understood that the law enforcement officers seized nearly 6000 Swiss watch brands in the dawn of the industry office site, and the parties can only provide less than 100 of imported watches at the same time, the customs formalities, law enforcement personnel at the scene also seized the client a domestic watch manufacturers the watch evidence, as well as a large number of ready with sales of suspected counterfeit the gem identification certificate, jewelry appraisal certificate.

watch dawn was on the spot and seized a large number of fake watches (Tencent technology plan)

is only the scene seized different models of watches, ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, involving the value of watches has nearly 10 million yuan.

and the Shenzhen city market inspection bureau insiders also confirmed to the Tencent of science and technology, the dawn of the industry sales channels, including the well-known genuine supplier sales platform, and CNR shopping TV shopping channel.