Programmers recruitment website 100offer was 20 million yuan A round of investment

marriage mind to do the recruitment of 100offer to confirm 36 krypton, has received 20 million yuan A round of financing, investors not disclosed. 100offer founder Jia Zhifan introduction, the current round of financing will be used to improve the efficiency of the product, the improvement of the consultant team and marketing.

100offer with the auction approach to do programmers recruitment, after the manual screening of the programmers were displayed to the company HR, HR to the candidate’s dismissal of salary conditions. Programmers can see all the company’s offer of salary, job arrangement, choose a key to refuse or agree to interview. "Beautiful and sweet voice of the customer service is responsible for docking, interview by Uber or a shuttle bus no..

, according to Jia Zhifan introduction, 100offer is currently a new auction every week, every month 400-800 programmers auction. Products in the future will be to improve efficiency as the iterative direction, Jia Zhifan hopes to reach the state is

programmers wait 1 days to know the results of the screening, the next week there will be an interview, and then get offer

next week

recently launched their Html 5 version, so that job seekers can agree or refuse to interview in the mobile terminal; the interview invitation state is divided into multiple stages to reply, negotiation, has refused to, improve business experience.


this programmer first model is easy to attract programmers to cast a resume to try, the cumulative data will produce more imagination. 100offer has begun to explore, they will set up a team of headhunting consultant team, including the service content to help candidates talk about offer, career counseling, in-depth investigation of the company, etc..

a lot of people have seen this, last year, the birth of a lot of talent auction class products, in addition to 100offer, as well as Beijing’s Jobdeer, Shanghai’s yesoffer, Shenzhen’s strength pat. This time it is very important to get the user speed, well, talent auction sites have to start throwing money on the massive advertising.