Coral was caught on the nternet appears to support the SOFF website

      recently, the author was arrested, causing a strong reaction from the webmaster community, the major forum, webmaster group, information, including Sina News, are also strongly respond. Although Tencent Inc are demanding their knowledge. Today, I learned in a QQ group a website, solidarity with the SOFF site, and very popular. More than 3 thousand message of solidarity, it seems that the Internet users are still very understanding of coral and support.

open HelpSoff website can see the tips of the site:

      see here, I believe you are a person of conscience, I believe you and I like coral, like the support of her. Coral is not the director of the video that the director of the Tencent, said the "rogue software", people who have used coral is very clear to us the convenience of coral. Here we strongly condemn the shameless behavior of the Tencent, you not only destroyed a very good software also destroyed a good talent. Tencent, you can not deny that the protection of their legitimate rights and interests, but you call the legitimate rights and interests too far, it is simply the destruction of human nature, not only the loss of a part of the user also makes your status gradually decline. Stocks fell, the server was attacked. These are small things, once your customers lost, see how you end, see if you treat! Give you four words "grave"

      we also look forward to the event of coral polyps can be resolved peacefully, after all, the coral is from the convenience of the Internet as a starting point for the production of software, is also recognized and accepted by the majority of Internet users.