Ebay sell its rental housing information website Rent com

March 23rd news according to foreign media reports, eBay announced today that its real estate information website Rent.com has been sold to Primedia.

Primedia is a website for users to search for rental housing, apartment rental and sale of new houses and other information. Its assets also include ApartmentGuide.com, Rentals.com and RentalHouses.com, etc.. Primedia just last year, private equity TPG capital to complete the acquisition of $525 million.

Rent.com is an asset acquired by eBay in 2004 for $415 million. The site was in line with eBay’s classification and listing business development plan. Not to date, eBay has long been the core business transformation to the field of e-commerce, so the sale of the assets will not have a substantial impact on the company.

eBay and Primedia did not disclose the financial information of bilateral transactions.