Tencent 8 billion valuation investment headlines today X finally the rumor

"I’m not, of course." Zhang Yiming also cited a song – "Go Big Go Home", said good to hear!


lady Lei Jianping July 11th reported


day before the Tencent is about to invest in today’s headlines rumors to raise a Babel of criticism of today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming this morning, through the inquiry platform today’s headlines sound for the first time, the side of the rumor.

in a Tencent for $8 billion "rumors of investment valuation headlines today, really" post, Zhang Yiming said recently, a colleague solemnly told me that he joined the headlines is not intended to be employees of the Tencent.

"I’m not, of course." Zhang Yiming also cited a song – "Go Big Go Home", said good to hear!


Go Or Go Big Home

American Authors – Big Or Go Home


So I’m gonna go at if all

go or go go big go

go or go big home

one of today’s headlines insiders, this means that Zhang Yiming explicitly denied the Tencent will invest in today’s headlines news, "go big, set ambitious."

is a Tencent investment department before the date of Leidi network made it clear that the Tencent did not invest in today’s headlines, "it is not clear why the outside world has such rumors."

When the lady

network to a Tencent within the OMG high-level advice, the person said, "but also from the competition." The implication is that in the field of Tencent and the content of today’s headlines in the competition, the Tencent also did not show the white feather.

today’s headlines was founded in March 2012, in June 2014, today’s headlines to complete the C round of $100 million financing, led by Sequoia Capital Investment, Sina and micro-blog. After this round of financing today’s headlines valuation of about $500 million.

as of May 2016, today’s headlines claimed that the cumulative number of active users has reached 480 million, the number of active day more than 47 million, becoming second only to Tencent’s top second information platform.

there are rumors that today’s headlines in 2015, nearly 3 billion yuan a year advertising revenue. The rapid rise of today’s headlines on the portal to form a huge pressure on the formation of the impact of Tencent portal.

to resist the rapid rise of today’s headlines, Tencent in June 18, 2015 launched a pan information class APP daily express, which is similar to today’s headlines and positioning.

Tencent OMG sector since 2015 has significantly increased support for the media, and even the website Department carrying >