Novice to do WeChat public numbers can not be ignored

now has a lot of online tutorials to share how to do quickly add fans, but most are deceptive. So do not share these small series today, when the novice to do WeChat marketing, often committed a fatal mistake, leading to fans blocked or canceled attention. In order to avoid the novice in WeChat marketing around the wall, Xiao Bian today and share some personal experience.

a, not so simple

many people do is because WeChat may be tempted by the friends or the media reports, the day can increase the number of fans, a month WeChat advertising how much money ah, then feel good friends relationship, much, if they do a public number, I also can do like their success, even better! I want to say, if you are a big star, you go to do it, as long as simple words in micro-blog tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans are very easy to come. But, you are a star? If only by those around you hundreds of thousands of friends, want to have thousands of fans, it is really difficult!!!

I do micro signal, is also a reason for this, two friends myself more than 1 thousand (and more than 2 thousand one-way), plus the creation and management of several QQ group, nearly four thousand or five thousand people, but usually get along with everyone very good line and often together activities, I thought I can’t waste such a good resource, I also want to build a micro signal. Finally, a hot head, micro signal on the line, and then talk about the circle of friends to send advertising for attention, but also in their own group to seek attention, the last day down, to pay attention to less than 20 people. I don’t have to go to a private to seek attention, because this is a very love I always practice, I believe we are all think so, of course if your relationship is really good, so even if the friendship on it anyway, even asked a friend to help you promotion did what, if the relationship between general and private window you day and night for attention, the final result is to make more friends do not love you, or even pull black. Change an angle to think, if someone else is day to night to your attention, you will not bother you? In a few years ago the micro signal has just come out, when the two-dimensional code has just come out, you will be very curious, there is a two-dimensional code scanning concern, but that was before, now the two-dimensional code spread and some two-dimensional code with a Trojan virus, and now people are very realistic, why others to pay attention to your attention? To what benefits? Can you give him a drink? Can grab red attention after


two, timing push

posted a small vote in half a month after the public line number of posts, the fans are more than 2 thousand, the vote is 99 fans.


screenshot data we see, which is recognized as the best time to push. Some people may ask, why not push in the morning?