China’s online shopping market year end summary analysis to explore the road of development 2013

station in the year of the dragon’s tail suddenly look back to 2012 this year, the Internet was the flames of war, every step of the knock knock pan pan;’s acquisition of red child, Jingdong Suning war, group purchase collective aphonia a series of fierce… This… "War" that the electricity market is gradually mature, online shopping the industry is expected to 2013 on the troubles.

network professionals said: China will accelerate the development of 3 years later, there will be a revolutionary outbreak in the next 5 years, the near future will be beyond the traditional route to the world summit. In China, with the rapid development of the Internet, the electricity supplier economy has accounted for a large part of the total market. Ma Yun said: if the Internet has been lost, the entire sales operations industry will be paralyzed, it can be seen, the online shopping market in the future development is still fierce competition, a larger space for development.

At present,

clothing shoes and bags, food, beauty care, maternal and child have the general online shopping market, in the new year, Taobao intends to segments, make toward specialization, refinement, and standardize various businesses, strict crackdown, to show the user a beautifully friendly shopping platform, B2C mall progress in efforts to explore. Online booking, refund, etc. are also steadily in the market, in the past few years many business activities will be sent on the internet. When the electricity supplier is expanding, how to do a good job, so that the market has become more prosperous, many businesses will be very concerned about the issue.

In the year of the Dragon

summary, Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning store responsible person pointed out: in addition to ensure the quality of goods, price, customer service, logistics and other stores of their own place outside, the only product shopping guide platform show has some merit.

shuffle in 2010, in 2011, in the melee, divided into echelon in 2012, the development trend of the summary analysis shows that the future of the electricity supplier market will be bigger and bigger, intense competition, the space will become smaller and smaller. But this does not mean that the road to success but that success may can’t do anything, at any time may come to you, as long as a clear understanding of success and failure points in previous years, grasp the nature of the electricity supplier on the demand of users, I believe more refinement of small and medium business enterprise will still have their place.