Teach you how to make free traffic and promote their new sites

network accounting for two months, today I write down my two months to do in earn free flow experience for everyone to discuss, hope can give beginners some help.

, take Baidu knife.

The new Baidu

to more than 20 days before I started when the station included, the first thing is to get up every day to see Baidu has not included, more than and 10 days gradually passed, Baidu is still not included, the heart of a lot of cool passion. But there was a time when I found a good thing. Baidu know that day I know in the Baidu inside a question, by the way in the reference material I wrote my web site www.kjshi.cn. On the second day, I found that the flow of Baidu actually came in, at first I thought it was Baidu included, I am happy to die. Then come to understand the original is I know which question was back flow in the Baidu smart! Do you understand? New sites in Baidu know the answer, the way to write the address on your web site, when you answer if adopted as the best answer, you secretly laugh, free flow of Everfount this is because in Baidu! In search of Baidu know the general in the front row is, and your answer is the best answer! As can be imagined, when you answer much know Baidu will bring you much traffic? And it also accelerates the Baidu on your station included speed, while increasing your station link. Smart you understand? Can not only take Baidu knife, you can also use this method with YAHOO, Sina and other major sites to operate, what are you waiting for? Go to Baidu know those solutions most question answering and relevant content on your site


two, the campus network a good promotion platform

campus network, although the search engine can not enter, but the human factor is too big, in the school write a few useful articles, add your link in there, while Baidu and Google are not search, but their friends if you see this article, feel useful to him, they generally will share, so, more and more people share this article, or even more than 10 thousand people to share him! Hey, so your traffic does not come?? of course, you want to write this article to the level, but you have to do after the share will click on your link to your site! Teach you a trick, I do: I wrote an article about the accounting standards of the article in the school, and the details of each criterion is a link to the relevant accounting standards of my accountant in the net. Hey, you know what?

three, with YAHOO to give you free advertising

if your site supports RSS, then I am teaching you a trick. YAHOO has a very good thing, that is, blog recommendation, every time you use YAHOO search, the left side of the site is displayed search content, but the right side will appear blog related content. The official use of this reason, hey hey, make good use of YAHOO’s blog on the right side of the recommendation to play free advertising began to take your RSS address to ya