Ali vs Amazon cross border electricity supplier giant different strategies PK


, a ratio of more than Ali platform: Amazon platform, multi category

Alibaba platform has three cross-border online shopping business – Taobao global purchase, Tmall international and a Amoy network.

Taobao global shopping is mainly a small number of buyers and sellers, Tmall international is the introduction of more than and 140 overseas stores and thousands of overseas brands. It is worth mentioning that Tmall international merchants settled there must be overseas retail qualifications, all goods overseas direct mail, and provide local exchange service. A Amoy network is the introduction of the sea Amoy purchasing business, through the integration of international logistics and payment chain, providing one-stop service for domestic consumers sea amoy. The future will continue to add Amazon, WAL-MART and other large foreign shopping websites, so as to provide massive foreign goods.

is Amazon platform through cross-border new consumers, will be directed to the U.S. Amazon, specifically for China consumers to open the entrance, with Chinese display merchandise, and use Renminbi marked price. The opening of the six overseas direct mail Chinese Amazon sites, including Amazon’s 25 million kinds of products from the United States, Germany, Spain’s 12 million kinds of products of 12 million kinds of products, the French Amazon Amazon Amazon UK 10 million kinds of products, 10 million kinds of products, as well as about 8000000 kinds of products from Italy. Can be described as a network to buy six countries".

two, than the set of goods to overseas goods collection mode: Ali docking of domestic logistics, warehousing and shipping

built FTA Amazon direct mail

Alibaba to overseas direct mail shopping in imported goods collection, direct mail, bonded three modes.

is currently the most popular mode of free trade, namely the use of large data analysis for selling goods in advance stocking, concentrated to the bonded area in china. After the order is generated, directly from the bonded warehouse customs clearance, delivery time is more or less equivalent to domestic shopping, the consumer experience is good. It is reported that, during the double eleven, the first overseas orders only two hours to complete customs clearance and delivery to the hands of consumers.

is looking for overseas direct mail business logistics service providers, by courier a single back home, high cost and low efficiency. Overseas direct mail mode with goods collection mode of domestic segment of the process is the same, the difference lies in the overseas section. Overseas business after receiving the order, can first put the parcel on the nearest one set of overseas warehouses, set a large parcel, transported to the rookie collection port, next is the domestic logistics process.

The set of goods is taken mode

Amazon’s overseas direct mail and bonded in two ways. In August 2014, Amazon China and China (Shanghai) free trade zone, Shanghai information investment Limited by Share Ltd signed a cooperation memorandum of understanding, the three parties will cooperate to carry out cross-border trade in e-commerce business, and the establishment of cross-border e-commerce platform in the trade area; at the same time, Amazon plans to build logistics center in the trade area. Amazon with SF and other logistics enterprises, reduce logistics price > direct mail