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  "2015 China shopper report" reveals the market "new normal"

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, the world’s leading consumers to buy and use market research institutions Kay degree of consumer price index and management consulting firm Bain & Company jointly issued "on the" win Chinese shoppers – 2015 China shoppers report under the "new normal".

to draw the conclusion of the report of the investigation team, as the country’s 40 thousand households with a professional scanner, real-time tracking of their actual daily shopping, and analyze the relevant data to understand the 106 FMCG category on purchasing behavior.

report reveals the rapid growth of China’s consumer goods market, price, channel and brand trends in four areas. Kai Chi, general manager of consumer sentiment index, said China, these trends are forcing the brand to quickly understand the market changes, in order to successfully adapt to the new normal".

most of the rapid growth of consumer goods slowed

survey results show that, from the overall scale, in recent years, China’s rapid growth in the consumer goods market from 11.8% in 2011 -2012 fell to -2013 in the year of 2012, up to -2014 in the year of 2013, up to 5.4% in. This moderate growth period will be the rapid consumer market into a new normal.

A thorough analysis of

from the 26 categories of personal care, home care, beverage and food packaging of the big four in the field of view, in 2014, in addition to the personal care category maintain a growth rate of about 8%, other categories of growth declined. Meanwhile, three or four, five line city sales growth of nearly 8%, significantly higher than the first tier cities and second tier cities by 2%.

as for the reason, the slowdown in the survey found that sales of non price is the main reason leading to a slowdown in recent years, the average household expenditure in FMCG on growth was significantly lower than that of household disposable income growth.

local brands continue to win market share

reported that, overall, in the 26 FMCG categories of this round of the survey, the local brand has been 3 consecutive years from international competitors to gain market share.

2014, the overall growth rate of 10% local companies, continue to lead the entire market, now accounts for about 26 of the total market sales of around 70%. 87% of the market growth in 2014 contributed to these local brands. Local companies in the 18 categories of foreign companies to win market share, the largest share of growth from skin care products, clothing softener, cosmetics, baby formula, fruit juice and biscuits.

and relatively, the growth rate of foreign brands in 2014 was 3%. Foreign brands in most categories lost market share, only in 8 categories to achieve market share improvement, including toilet paper, beer, hair conditioner and chewing gum. Foreign capital