Music as will push the fresh class business platform music life on August 18th on line

NetEase science and technology news August 8th news, music, as planned to enter the fresh class electricity supplier market, is expected to be on-line in August 18th, music life, the domain name is Click on the domain name, you can see the music life of logo, and displayed as the music as the holding company, the middle of the page is the preview of the music life will be formally launched on August 18th.

it is understood that the joy of life for music as holding liquor vertical business platform network network CEO Li Rui, vice president of music life from the original deputy general manager Jiang Zhengwen as life network. Music as well as the construction of ecological agriculture base in Linfen, planting picking, tourism, recreation, brewing and other commercial projects.

recently, the music is more active, just yesterday issued notice that the non-public offering of stock financing 4 billion 500 million yuan, used to supplement working capital, improve asset structure and financial status, business expansion in the process of easing the pressure on liquidity. Yi Ke