Talking about the development of electricity supplier learning thinking should be the first

in 2004, I chose the electricity supplier as a professional, was completely hazy feeling, only know the electricity supplier is the Internet, is the trend, the other know nothing about. Four years of learning down, learning the textbook has a stack of high content is quite complicated, computer technology, marketing, law, etc., to each study, but each door seems only learned a fur, such as us, was also called electric business is all rounder, but the Almighty can also be called not until graduation! One year before I began to worry, in the end the electricity students how to locate? It seems that what can do but what are not fine, I was classmates began to regret, said what I chose this professional ah, should choose another professional to study also, easy to find a job after you like ah. In fact, think carefully, this is the electricity supplier teaching problems.

business is booming, and not stereotypes, and China teaching mode? Is rigid, filling pressure. In this traditional model of emerging things electricity supplier teaching, it is necessary to produce conflict. If the teaching of China compared to teach people to arable land, it will teach you how to go to the arable land, will not teach you to improve the plow used in the arable land, and to improve the process of the plow is just like today is the rapid development of the electricity supplier. Not wrong, the electricity supplier is absolutely trend, electricity providers need a variety of skills, but the electricity supplier is the essence of the innovative thinking mode! Electric teaching model needs to change, the same, business students need most is to


here, I have to mention a University of my time to teach a teacher, has been very fond of listening to his class. In his teaching, entrepreneurship entrepreneurs become the main content of teaching, Ma, Robin Li, Guo Fansheng and so on, it is from their story before I realized what is the electricity supplier, what business, then I also wanted to start to do an electric businessman. Today and the teacher to meet, will still be full of gratitude, said the teacher, your class changed my thinking mode!

now I, and their own small team has set up their own web site talent network,, is the first step. As the name of the site, the struggle for 365 days, do a proud electricity supplier people!