CNNC denied that the CN domain name price adjustment by the market

March 2nd news, this afternoon, CNNIC stakeholders on the channel to raise the price of the Registrar to clarify the science and technology of the NetEase, the other said it had never been on the CN domain price behavior.

CNNIC explained that the relevant parties have been held in 2008, 1 yuan registered CN domain activity, but the activity had ended in December 31st, after the CN domain price mediation by the market, CNNIC did not intervene. This is today afternoon came to channel CNNIC registrar price after the news, the official explanation on the matter and reply to CNNIC.

has been quoted in the media domain registrar Yanhuang network revealed the news that CNNIC in March 1st the following requirements of channel registrar will enhance the minimum registered domain name CN price to 18 yuan, after the CN domain name registration price is 10 yuan, which led to a large number of CN domain name registrars suffer loss price difference channel.