What kind of business entities O2O

Author: Chen Yalei, street shop network CEO

In 2013,

O2O is definitely one of the hot words of the Internet industry, the industry leader, entrepreneurial grass root swarmed, believe that 2014 O2O will have explosive growth. The author through more than a year to communicate with the vast number of physical businesses to understand and found that businesses embrace the mentality of the Internet that is afraid of love, and some also with a little hate. They think that the existing O2O model is not in line with the interests of the business needs, can not help the majority of business entities to fundamentally solve the business problems. In the final analysis, what kind of O2O businesses in the end, I believe that no matter what the industry, the demand for the Internet business is nothing more than the following:

, to raise awareness, enhance the visibility of the line: business entities are operating radius and radiation range, to improve efficiency, expand the business, must break the traditional thinking is not afraid of deep alley ". To this end, businesses need to invest a lot of advertising publicity and promotion, in order to improve their visibility. At this time, low cost, wide area Internet is more advantageous than the traditional way of promotion, as long as there is little understanding of the business on the Internet, all want to own shops, goods or services move to go online, even some people regard it as a symbol to enhance their brand.

two, precision marketing, find the target customers: when companies put their own store information online, look around, found that it is a "symbol", and did not bring the actual effect, or even how many people watched on you are selling what can make nothing of it. At this time only for businesses to provide information display, has been unable to meet the business needs of the online activities, such as discount, the business target customers into the store consumption, it becomes the task the majority of O2O platform.

three, increase revenue, improve efficiency: there is no benefit to customers is not a platform to think about how to help businesses to improve efficiency is not long. Part of the business entity through online discounts, promotions and other activities, can really bring a large number of customers, but busy for a long time, a home, that does not make money, which led to a lot of businesses on the cheap, discount promotions and other ways to promote that fear and hate. How to improve efficiency and increase revenue has become the most concern of the business.

four, seize the high quality customers and potential customers, seek long-term development: when the O2O platform for businesses to bring customers, and to help businesses make money, businesses need is how to seize the old customers, mining potential new customers, to seek long-term development. At this time the need for business customers to effectively manage and interact with customers, so that every customer to become a high-quality business customers.

believe that the above four points can meet the needs of the O2O platform, is welcomed by the majority of the business platform, as long as the proper operation, but also to the long-term development of the platform.