t decided to stop by the Jingdong the Secret Japanese media for some reason

[global technology Roundup] Japan’s decision to stop the operation of Fast Retailing through the sale of "commodity Jingdong mall". According to the "Japanese economic news" reported in April July 22nd, UNIQLO stationed in the Jingdong, the shop only 3 months will be decided to quit. Prior to this, the shop in Chinese UNIQLO’s largest commercial enterprises Alibaba group online shopping mall. Behind the sudden withdrawal of Jingdong seem to have commercial enterprises to expand causes fierce competition around it.

Nikkei news said that in China’s online shopping market, Alibaba is considered to occupy about 60% of the market share, accounting for about 20% of Jingdong. However, according to the sales of Jingdong over Alibaba, 2014 sales reached $18 billion 500 million, an increase of 66% over 2013.


In April 17th a Jingdong UNIQLO

. According to Jingdong relevant sources: very popular with consumers, the first month of the store sales reached a predetermined 2 times". So why in the Jingdong UNIQLO closed shop.

at the beginning of April, the Jingdong in Beijing held a joint press conference with Fast Retailing, Jingdong chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong said: we prepared the logistics solutions of uniqlo. Liu Qiangdong was wearing a Jingdong with a cartoon image of the UNIQLO T-shirt, show and UNIQLO honeymoon atmosphere.

standing next to Liu Qiangdong is the rapid pace of the sale of China’s fast selling group, the world’s senior executive director of the board of directors, Pan Ning, said it will work together to open up the Internet sales business in china.

actually, Jingdong had "special service for uniqlo". One is to establish a large warehouse UNIQLO dedicated, also only for Jingdong UNIQLO stores provide express service. In the case of Shanghai City, within 6 hours will be able to deliver goods to customers. But this "Jingdong UNIQLO joint" service is contrary to expectation of UNIQLO speaking.

in China UNIQLO August 2014 mainland and Taiwan sales year-on-year growth of 70%, to 208 billion 100 million yen. Among them, the Internet sales accounted for more than 5%, and strive to put forward the future UNIQLO will improve the sales proportion of the Internet to 10%. Internet sales growth has played a catalytic role in the online shopping mall Tmall sales expansion. UNIQLO cooperation with Jingdong to expand sales channels of.

fast selling president and President of the business to explore the occasion of the opening of the business cooperation, with a fair treatment of all partners as the creed. But the Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma and Ryui Masa with the Softbank group agency director, belonging to the alliance with Softbank President Sun Zhengyi. The UNIQLO Jingdong closed shop is also possible for Ma "". The reason is that China’s competitive incentive online shopping market.

compared to Tmall, Jingdong’s good quality, a 30 year old woman working in a foreign company in Beijing to evaluate China’s online shopping market. Jingdong manages inventory, material