Beautiful said the phone connected to the entrance QQ named fashion

yesterday, the beautiful said officially connected to the phone QQ wallet QQ entrance". Said the official said the beautiful, the entrance will be the main mobile phone QQ and tap the consumption potential of female users of the mobile terminal.

at the beginning of this year, the beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong had claimed to be settled in WeChat, my bank card, but after six months, the final result is beautiful, said WeChat did not enter, but opened the phone QQ entrance.

said the beautiful shopping entrance name to buy fashion, page design and Jingdong shopping entrance design is not the same with the "opening ceremony", "dress group purchase" and "beauty sale" three columns, and the page using the waterfall flow design.

said that the beautiful commodities, prepared thousands of the season the most popular fashion items, including women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, beauty and accessories and other products, will also be launched in early September mall opened the canon, issuing more than 50 million coupons.

beauty said, mobile phone QQ is a high frequency of young women in the mobile terminal using one of the scenes, the QQ member has been to buy a virtual image, collocation of clothes and accessories to the pursuit of fashion, beauty and style, it said. (Wang Congji)