Multi point total Wumart new retail both sides have plots


] January 30th news billion state power network, the day before yesterday (the year), multi point (Dmall) of the new "many seconds pay" as scheduled. Since then, users in Wumart shopping checkout, can directly show the membership exclusive code point, the staff after scanning automatic debit, which is more Wumart and constructed "second silver Taiwan does not line up the screen.

as a new function of multi point App, more pay a quick pay mission seconds. According to the multi point App page description, more seconds pay may bind entity card, Alipay (small free secret payments), electronic PR in addition to multi point App can buy the card.

electronic card

according to the idea of multi point, multi user opening seconds and will pay three of the payment means and multiple account binding, in Wumart checkout, simply open the multi point App, and "shake" membership card (electronic bar code). After the cashier scanned after the membership card will be in the three kinds of means of payment in the automatic selection, and checkout deduction.

billion state power network has learned, January 1, 2017, announced more beautiful different membership system officially opened, since then, members of integral, Wumart coupons, balance and other functions will be used directly on the multi point App. In addition, more will continue to open up both sides of goods, marketing, warehousing and logistics, and other aspects. As the so-called "new retail" to get through online and offline means more performance is very intuitive + wumart.

however, many did not completely give up much of their cards. Although the opened Wumart and multi-point membership system, but many card and card or a piece of land, the emergence of a number of points (virtual assets) card and card coexist. According to the multi point said electronic card is suitable for most commodities Wumart stores, and many supermarkets, but the sea Amoy goods were excluded; and many card is only online consumption, not in Wumart stores settlement.