The prospect of a mystery crazy enclosure Jiancang rookie network is ma world or express the future

Ma Yun set up for the rookie network, the national 24 hours delivery will reach the goal gradually began to achieve. Rookie network announced today in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three launched the first professional fresh storage and distribution center, from all over the world with fresh fruits, seafood and meat, through the cold chain delivery within 24 hours to reach consumers. As of the end of the month, the country will have 18 city can enjoy this service, along with the number and area of storage center continues to expand, the future can cover more of the city and even the country. Rookie network, in the end is the future of the world or Ma Yun



rookie network was backing is not small, the name of Ma’s "last dream" label, founded two years, Ali combined with SF and one of three links and other logistics companies to create a "China intelligent logistics backbone network, through the network to any goods throughout the country in 24 hours the entire project, a total investment of 300 billion yuan. Ma’s words: rookie is an idealistic project, at least 8-10 years to achieve. However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

crazy to buy the land Ali left behind

rookie always stressed that he is a Internet Co, not logistics developers. But at the same time, the rookie did take place everywhere. Rookie network was established within two years, Ma on dense staking. Local governments have also dished out an olive branch, in order to win the favor of rookie. Rookie in the country to take a low price of tens of thousands of acres of land self storage center, divided into eight military area, most of them are in the planning stage of land acquisition and resettlement.

rookie crazy "enclosure Jiancang" what? Is the layout Ali "network + network", "Skynet" nature is Taobao and Tmall, "the network" is breaking the traditional logistics enterprises, through the formation of the country around the enclosure Jiancang, even the global logistics network, and then split the "sale" to the warehouse logistics enterprises and network operators and manufacturers, so as to reduce the loss of goods transport logistics itself, and improve the efficiency of logistics. To put it plainly, is to provoke the Montana Ali logistics express company, to give him a start to work.

In fact, as long as

Ma gently say: I want to rent your warehouse center, you follow my rules of the game". So the use of Ali electricity supplier unified flow of the majority of the warehousing industry rules, the other warehouse in order to reverse the link will comply with the rules of ali. In this way, but easy to let down the unsuspecting express company, to cooperate with ALI, to promote the growth of real rookie.

said not to do the logistics, but in the big buy self storage, a part of the logistics warehousing is not stumped? Ali was obviously on the rookie network left hand, rookie network if you have to have fun, Ali turn around. If you do not play, Ali can also build their own logistics system, after all, took so much cheaper, with a lot of courier robbed resources. At this time ready to Tmall supermarket as