Li Yinghuan United States online exchange Jingdong Suning exit the main battlefield

two years ago, Jingdong challenge Suning, Gome’s 815 home appliance price war, the industry called the last electricity supplier war". Micro-blog executives each spray, to lower the price, the public on the sidelines, the relevant departments to stop, commentary is overwhelming. Since 618, double 11, although the formation of a hot, but no 815 was so thick smell of gunpowder, you come to me to debate the lively situation only to miss.

of the three party of the 815 years of the war, also has far-reaching influence, from the Jingdong in the home appliance 3C online shopping area Yiqijuechen, until the NASDAQ lay dominance, which also directly stimulate the Suning, Gome’s two giant chain to promote the development of the electricity supplier.

the past two years, the three party and ectopic. The only participants in the United States online initiative to declare war, to play the role of insurgents in Jingdong; when the Jingdong is in a threatening manner somewhat quiet, Suning Appliance 3C is directly from the main battlefield.

: Gome online exchange Jingdong

the night of 11 August, Gome President Wang Junzhou and chairman of Gome online Mou Guixian two emails have been exposed, Wang Junzhou stressed that the first half of the United States below the line store growth and profitability significantly ahead of Suning, Gome online orders and half full beyond Wang Junzhou made it clear that the United States online and offline prices must be lower than Jingdong.

Mou Guixian in the mail is announced for the Jingdong "you will lose" a comprehensive upgrade from the home appliance extended to the field of 3C, directly on standard Jingdong headquarters, found that more than 100 reward your Jingdong, to buy expensive to lose 300. Logistics, "one day Sanda, accurate delivery, late to lose; customer service, broad coverage category" 30, 30, 180, and home appliance extended warranty and other measures to recruit key Jingdong. Mou Guixian even ordered the internal price for three times higher than the Jingdong, responsible person to pack up and leave


August 13th, Gome group senior vice president Li Juntao on behalf of the supply chain system and the reply Wang Junzhou president of the management of the company in the mail, published a "price guide", asked the United States to the channel must be in strict accordance with the instructions, adjust the price category. 32 inch color TV fell below 1000 yuan, the first three refrigerator below 1500 yuan, only 1898 yuan apple iPadmini computer, in the steady all electric advantage at the same time, the United States on the Jingdong’s core 3C digital category for a low price to outflank.

Although the United States

high with definition of war of the Jingdong as a protracted war, did not mention 815, but around 815, Gome online and Jingdong already broke out. Gome online from August 15th to 20, launched the "peak of the war, in addition to the continuation of your prize is 100 yuan, 300 yuan to buy expensive to lose, 2 billion 800 million WeChat red free collar strength is even more alarming, but also invited Haier, Midea, GREE air-conditioning giant executives three platform, at the same time, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing machine full 1000 minus 100. The most attractive to the user’s attention is unprecedented