About yesterday to see the phone confirmation about GG

saw an article in ADMIN5 yesterday that reduced the threshold for phone calls in GG. In that article, I saw that the author said that GG lowered the threshold of telephone confirmation to 10USD

I was wondering GG some time ago to give me a letter to my telephone confirmation but my account has not reached the condition, known as the 50USD, I think what’s wrong, ask around, everybody does not know the result, depressed me.

looked at yesterday’s article, it is understood, but my situation is a bit different….

We look at the picture of

specific   this is the total income that



this is a letter from GG


see my account was 29 GG letter I have said 50USD ` ` I do not know if you have this phenomenon

so much so that let us look at the

after receiving the letter, I immediately call to confirm, now is PIN, ha ha “o (a _ U) O