Black Friday to the Amazon will hold Prime Day promotions

According to

, an online edition of Fortune magazine, Amazon offers shoppers an opportunity to experience a black Friday promotion day in the summer. Amazon announced that the company will be held in July 12th the second annual Prime Day summer promotional activities.



Amazon will be held in July 12th Prime Day promotional activities

last year, Amazon in July 15th held a long promotional Prime Day promotional activities. Prime Day promotion day for one day, only for Amazon Prime members. Amazon’s goal is to create a new promotion day like black Friday, encouraging consumers to spend more on their website.

before Amazon, Alibaba group has been held for several years, double 11 shopping festival. According to sales, double 11 is the world’s most successful shopping festival. Amazon said last year, Prime Day’s sales broke the record of the company’s black Friday in 2014.

Amazon said that this year’s Prime Day promotional day will prepare more than 100 thousand deals for members. Prime members need to pay $99 a year, in addition to enjoy the free delivery of two days and a specific order of one hour service, you can also watch streaming movies, TV shows and Amazon original drama.

consumer research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners recent report shows that Amazon has 54 million Prime members in the United States, an increase of 35%. Investment bank Cowen research shows that 38% of U.S. households are Amazon Prime members.

, like last year, Prime members from the Pacific standard time at midnight on July 11th can start shopping, every 5 minutes there is a new deal to join. Amazon said that the number of deals this year is much more than last year, the number of brands involved in the event doubled.

, for example, the number of Prime Day TV stocks this year is two times the sum of black Friday and online shopping on Monday. Amazon will also provide members with the purchase of streaming movies and television programs offer.

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also developed a large number of new tools for shoppers to find and track transactions. This year, Amazon will allow shoppers to browse through categories, such as electronics and toys. Shoppers are also able to track a particular transaction and receive a notification on the trading line, which was launched last Monday as a result of online shopping.

although Amazon has been working hard to promote Prime Day deals, but some reports said that the day of discount and no publicity so high. Market research firm Market Track analysis shows that some of the black Friday day of the product is cheaper than Prime Day 9%, electricity >