Successful Taobao customer experience blog forum website

What is the Taobao

customers, 09 years ago, commonly known as the guest, is simply to help Taobao promotion of goods seller, the seller according to the promotion of giving you some compensation, zero cost, zero risk, in the popularity of the Internet, Taobao customer has become a popular trend.

I do Taobao off also have some time, from the beginning to slowly absolutely ignorant of the familiar to gradually get started, do not say how good, but share some experiences or can. How many people can earn more money do not understand very well for Taobao customers, there are a number of passengers were indeed Taobao not how to earn money, I also found a lot of people because of technical problems and did not dare to try Taobao off the occupation, they think to become a good Taobao customers, if you do not know how to network technology. That is not enough, so has been hovering dare not move forward, in fact, how to become a successful Taobao customers, can be summed up in one sentence: must be the combination of blog forum website.

first, combined with the blog;

used in Taobao, I used to buyers conducted some investigation, found in the Taobao shopping on the majority of young people, the beauty and fashion beauty more accounted for 80% of the proportion of careful people will find that many sellers in the decoration of their own shops, very feminine, design the above, we can specially for women to set up a blog, as to how to establish, where established, you need to think about.

recently I found a lot of young girls blog traffic is very high, but also has some loyal readers, after repeated research I found that their blogs have one thing in common, that is: the original

in fact, I had written the article, also mentioned the original, if you write well, write articles have their own unique insights, I strongly recommend you the original, most of the original articles by the search engine’s favor, but also has a high hit rate, if your blog is based on the well-known on the site, then your original article is easy to be recommended to the official website of the home page, this time it will bring you the traffic is quite amazing, and you just need to insert some Taobao customer links in each article in success for Taobao sellers made promotion.

secondly, combined with the forum

Some forums, such as

, as everyone knows, Tianya,,, these are a lot of popular forums online, but your choice must also be targeted, you can’t published about clothes and posts, you can’t just make a simple commodity, each forum have the relevant management personnel, if issued a single commodity, you may delete your post, in fact, advertising posts is a technology live, how successful the post without being found suspected bamboo door advertising need skills. Of course, you can also go to some young girls high sensitivity.