Double eleven let consumers visual fatigue cheap is no longer a magic weapon

tomorrow is a double carnival, but in the face of the double once a year eleven, many consumers may have been weak, businesses various discount advertising people have visual fatigue. Electricity supplier was created by the "double eleven" sooner or later, the enthusiasm of consumers The sun sinks in the west., not as good as before. Therefore, the major electricity supplier platform must launch a more attractive gameplay, otherwise the effect of double eleven will not be able to play to the extreme. Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform have less opportunity to make money, but the price is no longer sufficient to attract consumers, we are more concerned about the quality of goods and services.


online shopping traps, shop data fraud prevalent

double eleven not only to guard against a variety of phishing sites, but also to pay attention to their own pit, Taobao shop data fraud is very simple, and the phenomenon of brush sales still exist. Sales linked with the auction, and sales volume may be a lot of water, of course, the quality of the product is not much. So in this way Kengpian consumers to shop, or simply the first price and then the price, during the double eleven business platform should supervise the stores, or double eleven becomes Kengpian consumers holiday. Consumers did not get real benefits, the biggest beneficiaries or Taobao and Jingdong and other electricity providers.

online shopping cheap inferior products, consumers suffer

single brush is a major cancer in eleven during the double, another big cancer is fake and inferior products. For some of the shop, double eleven perhaps is a good opportunity for clearance, the effect of double eleven to earn a lot of money. But those inferior products so that consumers suffer, usually may be because the price is too low and does not believe in the double eleven period easily deceived. Taobao fakes in particular, but consumers should wake up, there is no good cheap goods. Hit Taobao selling phenomenon, it is very difficult to implement the market, Taobao has nearly 60% fake, if all cleaned up, so the leather is equal to Taobao.

The real significance of

double eleven, puerile is king

for the business and business platform, double eleven natural to make a fortune, but how to be more profit to consumers. The most straightforward way is puerile, double eleven period should follow this principle. Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform can also be profitable, but also its stores. Today’s double eleven activities have entered a mature period, not only has a double promotional activities of the other, all the other holiday business platform will not fall in the next eleven. Electricity supplier to build more and more frequent, consumers will certainly enter the weak period, the price seems to have been unable to attract consumers.

eleven is approaching, cut the hand of the party who began mood.according, blindly follow suit, consumer psychology so that more people are concerned about the double eleven. But we will also pay attention to the quality of online shopping goods, and express service is awesome.

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