Comparison of the marketing situation of the Taobao station and the truck truck

The future of

e-commerce entrance is not necessarily in the Taobao search engine, will be competing for the entrance of e-commerce, Baidu is a big threat to Taobao, so Taobao will ban included Baidu, Baidu and Taobao have included some big shops and shopping mall. So for those who want to become bigger and bigger Taobao sellers must pay attention to Taobao station marketing. God did not say that the whole network marketing, Taobao deal".

I did a year of personal webmaster, this year focuses on how well Baidu SEM Taobao, in addition to the above two auto supplies sellers "car product Hongzhi", "Zhuo truck product" a little understanding, here with their families as an example to analyze how they are in the Taobao site marketing situation, you want to have a little help in Taobao sellers understand Taobao station marketing, if the two have offended, but also hope to forgive me.

, a "car product Hongzhi" and "Zhuoka car" indicators compared to

1, Taobao auto supplies shop in Shanghai in the "vehicle Hongzhi store" in the first row, the other car products Hongzhi there is a C shop "Jiashi car" ranked third, then Nanjing Zhuo truck products franchise stores followed.

2, "Che Pinhong Zhi" and "Zhuoka car" Taobao index:


pictured above is the Taobao index



above is the Taobao index

Zhuoka car

3, "car product Hongzhi" and "Zhuoka car" Baidu index contrast


the car products Hongzhi Baidu index, several key words Zhuoka car without Baidu index.

two, "car product Hongzhi" and "Zhuoka car" station marketing comparison

the two Taobao station in the marketing of this piece is almost in a blank, here are a few ways to stand outside the station to see how they do the two.

1, car products Hong Zhi franchise stores (, Zhuo truck franchise stores (, an independent domain name, have jumped to their own Taobao mall.

2, search engine SEM promotion

car products and Zhuoka Hongzhi cars do not bid ranking, and not to do SEO, "Che Pinhong Zhi", "Hong Chi car products franchise stores" in the Baidu home page is full of Taobao keyword Zhuoka guest website, the car did not do in Taobao.

3, SNS promotion

SNS promotion can show the image of the enterprise, and customer communication, if the operation is good, can also increase the corporate image. Sina micro-blog