The introduction of a large number of sites embedded advertising network advertising is facing an in

      since March this year, a web of embedded advertising appeared quietly in the Tencent, the NetEase and the TOM online portal page, when readers browse the web, move the cursor to the specific keywords, there will be text, pictures, flash, video and other suspended advertising screen. Users can read the contents of the ads, you can also click on the ad into the advertising content contains links to the site.

      not only is the portal site, in more news sites, vertical sites, web embedded advertising can also be seen everywhere. Reporters at the above site click to enter an article on the introduction of health knowledge, the text of the treatment, health, cough and other words have been cleverly put on the grams of cough advertising. Such as Snow Beer, DHL, BMW, Ashley and other advertising, also appeared from time to time in connection with the words in the article. This new advertising model is the embedded advertising model.

      Analysys International analyst Hou Tao said that the pay per click price condition ranking is currently the most important search engine advertising, its biggest advantage is the pay per click hit many advertisers financial psychology, but also can ensure the advertising to maximize target customers, but the key comparison is limited, most of the time effect of advertising or advertising audience are subject to certain restrictions, the display is also relatively simple.

      before the search engine is the core of the precise positioning, that is, the user can find what word can be associated with the word advertising. But it is clear that embedded advertising can achieve precise positioning requirements, which is the greatest pressure on us." A search engine responsible for advertising business stakeholders said.

      embedded ad challenge search ad

      embedded web advertising is dotting company launched earlier this year, Baidu and other search engines crawl the web, and then return to the search results page to provide keyword advertising, as a web page based on keyword advertising, through the website directly and dotting cooperation, set the keyword on the site background, and page the content of the match, to create a link, when the user’s mouse to keywords, automatic to an advertisement or a content index window.

      information, have "embedded ad dotting their cover half of the top 500 domestic websites, built a large number of sites across the super large advertising platform. Because of these advertising sites not occupied by the existing resources, these sites do not need to have any advertising investment and investment, are all made by the professional marketing company to fix this, for profit pressure sites, apparently quite tempting.

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