On the importance of domain names in fiction

on a common site, we are not very concerned about the domain name, but in this domain name fried hot, the era, the domain name in the end how important it?

to tell you the truth, a site gate is a simple domain, a novel network analysis, fundamentally, reading novels are generally students, or low culture more students, summarizes the corresponding low taste is not high. The lower culture of the people do not see, just a culture many people will indulge little chance of reason,


a domain name beyond 4 is the next level domain name, reason:

first, starting from the physiological aspect, in 4 as a group is to help memory, this is my memory according to the basic theory of the.

expert Wang Yang

second, from the psychological, a culture is not high, people do not want to remember a long domain name.

in a lot of time to do the station has not been able to get along with the 4 bit of the domain name, which would like to remedy it, with short English words such as admi, novel, etc.

is a Chinese again with Pinyin, my station, a novel network novel is phonetic structure, because of the keyword basically are registered, there is no way!

second, CN domain name is more attractive than the COM domain name, see Chinese novels only in Chinese from SEO perspective, Baidu Qinglai Chinese Chinese top-level domain, where Baidu is the largest search engine, Google, for Chinese novels is more is the CN domain name


what my domain name is to take these two strengths, as for other search engines can be ignored

is the second key www.yipinxs.cn, and then from the domain name analysis about my acronym " Y" engine in the arrangement when the same weight after weight is in alphabetical order to list, if your domain name is " A" if you came in front of you, I feel this you actually have to, instead, " A" what if there is no relationship between.

and novels

summary, the domain name of the key to what a few steps,

a, can be less than 4, as little as possible,

two, can be associated with English priority English Association,

three. Priority to use CN domain name,

four, the first letter

thank you, welcome to the master’s visit to the novel station visit guide!