Research on vertical search engine

As one of the most important applications in the development of China’s Internet industry in the past 20 years,

search engine has become more and more popular in people’s work and life. Baidu, Google as the representative of the universal search to meet the needs of the information query, but also the popularity of the concept and application of search engines. But in the process of development, people found the general search, fast search, query information can meet the characteristics of mass entertainment and news and information search, but for commercial information search is not ideal: to find what they want from the irregular mass, the information becomes more difficult. You can’t even separate the "who’s the creator of Google" from Google’s millions of search results. We can easily feel the lack of the current search engine. Any time you enter a keyword in a search engine, you will get thousands of search results. The demand for information of the user is moving towards the direction of diversification, the demand for information in a certain area is no longer wide, but the essence of the. Secondly, the user’s information is no longer the amount of demand, but focus on the quality of information, that is, whether it can give users to solve the actual needs, provide accurate information, authority, and so on and so on. The nature of the general search engine determines that it can not meet the specific needs of users, the market has been subdivided, to meet the specific needs of the vertical search engine will appear one after another. Based on this situation, many industries vertical search engine came into being, such as the search for the film’s thunder, search software dog, search game 17173 search platform widely recognized by the public. Can say, the future of the search market will no longer be the era of several major search giant rule simple! And the commercial search engine, especially for the relatively strong city commercial search engine will be the highest value in the market. Because he is involved in all aspects of the business needs of a city. "City commercial search engine" in information acquisition method and innovation of its advanced operational framework, the accuracy of the PPC model created the commercial search engine industry standard, the user can completely abandon the so-called city information port, classified information, convenient website. Because our information is obtained through face-to-face way of collecting information, is the most real, the most comprehensive city! Commercial engine introduced not only meet the B2B needs of the market, but also can be extended to the B2C market, the expansion is one kind to the production and life of people convenient convenient integrated search engine, its commercial value is far higher than the general traditional search engines. So who can quickly establish a search platform in line with the needs of users, who will become a new round of search industry leader.

based on the city’s commercial search services – the search results are all products or business related information. Content is more pure, the results of the search to the product or business as the theme of structured display, easy for users to view, understand. Users can participate in the search results, search results will also continue to enrich the user’s participation. These allow users to more easily and quickly find the products or services they want to meet the people’s business consumption