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sea Amoy delicacy class business platform "Princess" today announced the completion of several thousand yuan A round of financing, a collar for capital investment, venture capital, real peace, Jingwei China with investment funds. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for personnel recruitment and upstream supply chain optimization.


as a main vertical food platform for cross-border electricity supplier, "Princess" bird’s nest "originated from the sales of the first Yan Princess Taobao shop, is taking the flash purchase + mall model. Categories include snack snacks, health care, specialty food and maternal and child health, of which more than 75% are imported food, in the sale of SKU about more than 2 thousand.

founder Shen Danping said, "the basic user Princess home" is "a group of senior fan Yan Princess" accumulated over the years, most of them with their own age (30 years old), some are preparing the pregnant mother, some already have their own baby, common is attaches great importance to food safety, are willing to pay as the "good stuff", due to domestic food scandals, so are more willing to buy relatively secure food imports.

36 on a reported Princess krypton home in July last year, after half a year now, its products and what are the new changes? Shen Danping said, little platform product structure change of the whole, overall health ingredients than leisure snacks, and domestic goods has increased the proportion of. We will choose to do in the domestic supply chain is relatively strong products. Although SKU is not much, but are screened by selection team repeatedly polyphony development, usually the ratio from 100 businesses in the selection of 1-2, so the corresponding repurchase rate is relatively high."

My question is

, and the coverage category of cross-border electricity supplier like "koala NetEase", the "little red book", "Princess" the advantage is reflected in where? The future will consider expanding the category? Shen Danping replied, no team considered expanding products to consider, do vertical sea food Amoy platform advantage is the supply chain could be a deeper and more complete product coverage, while the platform usually only do Top100 head of commodity.


also features the food category is relatively long, users always love change and early adopters. Therefore, in the next stage, the team also plans to line their own communities, for the sharing of food classes and the education of the long tail goods.

before I found an interesting place, "home" in each commodity in addition to the small text description, but also the initiative to invite users to add her WeChat, at any time contact. Shen Danping and I said, this interactive approach is also the team can continue to maintain a secret selection acuity, "Princess" in the sale of SKU, the 20% models are recommended by the users of the reverse.

according to the data provided by the team