Micronet micro network from the brand to the market layout how to create the most popular traffic m

in recent years, competition in the field of beauty skin into the white hot stage, in addition to the well-known big name occupy most of the market, the new skin care brand is also not a few. In this situation, how to find their own position and quickly occupy the market is particularly critical.

reporter recently interviewed to get involved in the field of beauty skin care has been 17 years of Xu Ting lady, Ms. Xu Ting runs a beauty skin care line mall in this year 11 performance is very brisk, people can not help but wonder what she has a unique perspective on business.

A review of the

double 11 day, Xu Ting still lingering fear. When the original 08 points 10 point 11 morning, Xu Ting beauty skin care mall being timed seckill activities, activities start traffic will surge at the moment, about 5000000 of users into the mall in panic buying activity, cause the server paralyzed, the company also began to panic, the technical department timely maintenance just quickly returned to normal, the day also hit the highest traffic and the highest sales mall since the start of two records.

about 5000000 flow! What is this concept? Xu Ting is how to make their own store this outbreak? The secret, let us dig to the mouth from Xu ting.


1 branding, star endorsement

all know that fans economic power, 13162859 micro-blog comments can let star Luhan rather baffling to have won the Guinness world record, what can not? For the commercial value of the star itself is a big part of it from fans, fans choose to have appeal and consistent with their brand temperament is the spokesman of the lot brand recognition quickly choice. Xu Ting known this, as in the industry has 17 years of high-end skincare brand, Xu Ting think the most representative brand spokesperson as everyone knows is "not the old goddess Liu Xiaoqing, Liu Xiaoqing not only over the years appeared in a large number of high-quality TV drama, has a lot of fans, its unique skill maintenance and not old face it is that she has been in the entertainment circle retains heat. Choose Liu Xiaoqing endorsement for their products is equivalent to the endorsement of the star, not only to bring the fans sought after, the brand image will be homeopathy".

2 to build the mall, set up the facade

in addition to the star of the campaign, businesses themselves also should have certain image packaging. Xu Ting with Micronet micro network cooperation, set up a PC store and WeChat mall itself, the current users are most familiar with the consumer channels to grasp their own brand market, brand has reached a certain height in itself, will not be afraid of the other the monsters and freaks of all descriptions of competition. Although many traditional brands tend to be settled in the third party platform to go commercial channels, but for brand building, the establishment of an independent mall can enhance the brand image, but also can obtain the trust of consumers. While the third party platform by the merchant >