Music as fresh three do not fly

is the most popular fresh items after the music as a new story after the box tv. August 18th, music as fresh will be formally launched, a music life website will be officially launched. According to media reports, the music has been in the construction of ecological farms in Shanxi Linfen and other places as its fresh stronghold, but iron brother still think there are still some then go forward with great strength and vigour of momentum is not reliable.

one: music as fresh online channels do not fly

in the music as fresh as the whole external position, for the sales channel can be basically attributed to borrow music as electricity supplier existing channels". Music as the TV terminal, as music TV mobile terminal…… , that is, there will be a place where the music as television will see music as fresh products.

music as an ambitious estimate, as fresh music can reach a good interaction with the online video, the drama of the user can buy a minute of the product, more specifically, as the music TV each product line for the music life diversion.

but forget music as a very important point, depending on the product line flow though the objective, but the user for music as the most intuitive positioning is still in the film, the user will pause the video in the viewing process to choose to buy the product? As non Taobao non Jingdong, Taobao Jingdong users immediately enter the shopping mode, and if to the user viewing modes and shopping mode switch repeatedly, so toss the effect will be how to


for music life, music, as long as the video gene will become the biggest bottleneck of its growth. If you really want to emphasize the relationship between music and the relationship between the two depending entirely on the music, as the film and television aspects of the flow, the user is basically messy. Music as the film should be a supporting role in the flow of music only, but unfortunately did not see the ideal protagonist.

second: fresh non blue ocean, happy life win low odds

has many friends also treat fresh as a new blue ocean, eager want reached them. But after Lenovo, Ali, Jingdong, and even Ding Lei pork, Pan Pingguo, Chu orange and other products after the baptism of education, fresh market has been like a red sea.

Internet giants on the one hand to grasp the existing online shopping resources, convenient access to fresh platform for educational users. It is understood that the Jingdong internal strong brother is the fresh catch of key projects this year, Ali is also an occasion to "socially Chinese 2" big fresh articles, Chu orange is originally made a star living in this new business platform. Giants rely hands platforms and financial support has attracted attention of many users, unless Lok products are really living in the killer would be difficult to transfer the user’s attention.

secondly, fresh spell is the origin. Lenovo’s Liu Tao, originally living Chu orange, even Tmall and Jingdong are trying to find the optimal origin of each category. Fresh electricity supplier to fight not only the money and users, as well as origin, so fresh products with a strong scarcity. At present, the major platforms have been divided into the focus of the origin of high-end fresh products, iron brother also learned that some high-end agricultural products often need to take