The overseas market gate open network network LETV bundled P future interests

, COFCO to 1 yuan cheap clearance sale Shandong Junding winery, Chateau Junding was the key layout of the project in the high-end market Wine COFCO, huge debt and loss of the sale or for reasons of poor wine business. The home front contraction, COFCO Chateau Hui turned to attack the overseas market.

until now, including the Alibaba, music as its ecological network network, 1919, have "sea brewmaster network". Wine overseas market this year will undoubtedly become the domestic electricity suppliers on the object. However, business market still can not be avoided, the homogenization of competition at the same time can be expected or will trigger a new round of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

Wine business group in overseas markets for

April 15th, Beijing property exchange auction Junding COFCO Winery Co. Ltd. and Shandong COFCO Jun Top Wine Co. Ltd., their 55% stake in the listing price was only 1 yuan. Junding wine Chateau Junding and total debt of more than 392 million yuan, let the domestic "tail", COFCO has to turn to overseas survival". At present, COFCO group to create the imported wine store channel brand name village "COFCO Plaza, a new concept of operation platform, personalized consumer service mode selection of imported worldwide Wine.

in addition to COFCO, Alibaba are also seeking overseas market breakthrough Wine. In the Vinitaly show, Alibaba chairman of the board Ma and Italy Prime Minister Ferenczi jointly announced the "Tmall Global Wine Festival".

with overseas speculative and letv. It is reported that, as the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui has opened a month long overseas visits to research, in-depth French, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States and the world’s largest area of hinterland, will seek "wine life ecological world" strategy in the first overseas landing.

addition, liquor vertical electric providers 1919 and brewmaster network respectively to direct mining and construction of million wine network, the layout of the overseas upstream industry chain.

obviously, this year the overseas Wine field has become the domestic electricity supplier battleground of the red sea. Secretary General of China Association of liquor circulation Liu Yuan said that the electricity supplier to achieve a flat retail channels, reducing the spread of profits, so that the price advantage. However, it is inevitable that many electricity supplier synchronized sea, homogenization serious, or will face a new round of elimination shuffle. At the same time, open overseas air, does not mean that the operating risk reduction.

wine + bundled IP future benefits

station in Dafengkou, only recognize their own advantages, can be more resourceful. There is a large platform flow play, vertical platform channels play, the ecological platform has a collaborative play. In the "sea" of the liquor business, borrow a large force of IP network network approach is become an independent school.

network network LETV borrow overseas strategic opportunity, and the world’s first Wine producers Chile concha group, a famous German beer manufacturer Aishibao (Eichbaum) and a number of full.