Honey can’t help He has 1 years of financing the 3 rival Jingdong

news March 31st, as the first batch of cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs one honey Amoy once again attracted the attention of the industry, "acquired" "collapse" and other rumors can be heard without end. It was in 2014 scored the next round of financing, announced the annual turnover broken million, and in 2015 618 large electricity providers to promote "openly challenge the Jingdong, Tmall, the United States and other cross-border assault game player, now what


in fact, billion state power network has learned, began to show some signs of change in early January 2016 honey amoy. At that time, many employees said "honey honey Amoy Amoy last supper at micro-blog, after Gebendongxi", and revealed the "collapse" of the second batch of layoffs and other information.



login and honey Amoy site also found that a large number of its products have the shelf, clothing sector ceased operations, leaving only part of maternal and child health care products, beauty products, and many shows sold out. It was opened in September 2015 Meng Shop Honey Amoy global flagship store purchase only two products on sale.


honey in February this year, most of the products have been off the shelf


in February this year, honey Amoy shop in adorable in the sale of products only two

at the same time, insiders told billion state power network, honey Amoy Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone in the warehouse of a large part has changed hands to another cross-border electricity supplier Need. In addition, a honey Amoy supplier pointed out that its discontinuation in 2015 five for honey Amoy black, because that was too much honey Amoy stockpile, payment problems. It is also said that the honey Amoy side is seeking to enter the capital, had contact with a number of potential access to the disk, does not rule out the possibility of being acquired.

all signs seem to point to the honey Amoy can not support the conclusion. So far, however, its officials have not responded.

, however, found billion state power network before the goods are self honey Amoy website "disappeared", after "dress shoes package" and "health food" "mother’s" Star "explosion" and "cosmetic" "digital Department" and "free shop" seven sub channels have disappeared, but the emergence of a new "Amoy on the channel.


honey Amoy website’s latest screenshot

entered the channel shows that the products are sold to Japan, not honey Amoy self, but from the Japanese Amazon, Le Tian and other Japanese business platform, and marked the "overseas direct mail". In other words, this business back to the beginning of the establishment of the model of honey Amoy – sea Amoy purchasing. But this is not