Sources said the depth of cooperation with Taobao UCweb or will launch UC mall

September 15th, according to sources, the depth of cooperation between Taobao and UC mall will be on the line in the near future, the project by the former general manager of Baidu e-commerce business unit, Li Mingyuan is responsible for the.

said the above, UC mall is superior to science and technology as a result of the depth of cooperation after the acquisition of Alibaba investment projects, previously, UCweb has also been preloaded in Taobao customized mobile phone.

in June last year, excellent science and technology announced the acquisition of Alibaba group strategic investment, there was news that the amount of investment of about $12 million Alibaba.

It is reported that

, at present, UCweb has been implanted in a number of features, such as Taobao and Alipay, "UCweb know-all" through parity search, "Amoy cheap" and other projects to recommend Taobao.

excellent science and technology CEO Yu Yongfu to Sohu IT said, UCweb is indeed in depth cooperation with Alibaba, but the development direction is not UC mall". At the same time, he also stressed that UCweb is a mobile Internet platform, will have an impact on cooperation with other applications.

in June this year, there is news that the former general manager of Baidu e-commerce division Li Mingyuan has joined the mobile phone Browse Companies as vice president of science and technology. Li Mingyuan is Baidu’s first product manager Post Bar. In 2007 he was promoted to general manager of Baidu electronic commerce department, responsible for the Baidu C2C e-commerce project. In April this year, Li Mingyuan left Baidu.

Li Mingyuan did not respond to the above message.