Enhance the Taobao website holiday sales seven Taobao women’s approach

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has been online for over a year without employer experience must know customer reviews of sales support of major dip. Some time to develop a large market of hot selling products, and some of the time, everyone in the company’s holiday selling goods is the demand for their own to comment out. All the hot goods, her comments in the comments column must be very lively. Absolutely no holidays can make all the main product and we sit seems cold depression clear, easyown confession did fashion"…… This is to follow the hotel children, ah, ah, a street, which savage I go into the wild, Shenzhou, is said to be nearly two hundred million people, i…… Confidence masses. Hey, Shenzhou, I’ll see you."

6, one minute and so on not lost!

is no better way, on holidays in this part of the consumer demand to absorb their own online store customer to? The answer is of course can be set. The following are seven ways of holiday sales promotion online Chan I summed up the city.

1, playing holiday culture brand

5, customer reviews must be

2, brand knowledge hall, we do not only sell goods

a couple of days ago, a brand consultant and I talked about something interesting. That is one of her colleagues at the University of reading sister from Shanghai to Guangzhou to play, the little sister of wilderness is not wrong, every time I see her, she’s wearing, can use the number of lost luxury brand will not lower than 5, CHANEL, Tiffany, Lancome, Shiseido, LV, CK, GUCCI, Burberry…… No little sister who is not what is said in cash, all career fees are spent in this business on the body, she daily also does not have a separate street, always stay in the wild and her colleagues came back to take her out to eat shopping, it is a typical "BMW but no money" people. When it comes to this thing, I would like to clarify that the temptation of real cards is amazing. Whether it is still choose to buy genuine goods, which the ego will not the slightest bit of vanity mouth? If you sit in the time when the proper display of these top brand story and history, perhaps when the guests eyes, the shopping cart is much a real brand.

3, sit point of change and do not sit idle theme

during the holidays, when the wild, Lok Fu to Daye trust mart, PARKnSHOP, Wanjia can always be found in order to add a festive atmosphere, taking the wild have no spare no effort to dress up a good store. That is, a small roadside shops will also be a small lantern festival. It can be seen that the decoration of the festival is of great significance to the sale. Remember the holidays you shop the theme of advertisement must be switched, add festive decoration worry Qingyuan meat. In addition to the loss of learning is GOOGLE and Baidu, >