Taobao heavyweight products store manager background interface exposure

shop on August 17th news: with the release of Taobao’s big Taobao strategy, an increasing number of third party software vendors using Taobao’s open API development for a variety of applications for the seller. At present, there are 10 kinds of value-added services in the background of my Taobao subscription, which is a video website with a new profit model and even the video site is considered to be a new profit model. Wang Pu it recently got inside news, independent shop by and SHOPEX cooperation will be released, named "the shopkeeper".

interestingly, brewing in nearly half of the store manager on the occasion of the upcoming release of Taobao, prior to its own independent development of "Taobao shop" products, is also a domain independent third party online system, charging standard is exactly the same as 3600 yuan a year, Taobao strategy makes continue to try all kinds of profit model the release of the Taobao store manager, whether the seller can play a good role, let us wait and see. The following is the author through the online account of the background.

picture 1 system administrator login account is Taobao account

picture 2 background landing jump to Taobao

picture 3 after landing the background automatically import Taobao shop merchandise data

picture 4 because I do not have a Taobao shop so no success

picture 5 management background with shopex background as

relevant information obtained from the shop. The shopkeeper was informed that the products can be said to be the SHOPEX shop docking program and Taobao stores, while increasing sales business. According to rumors of the product will be in the near future by official news conference released publicly, at the same time joint Alipay product for the user to give a very attractive promotion, the SHOPEX is responsible for product marketing, hope by is responsible for the maintenance, Wang Pu, will continue to provide dynamic tracking to the store manager the shopkeeper.