Shenzhen cross border electricity supplier blue ocean end small sellers go

a few days ago, a WeChat brush brush burst circle of friends, a sensation of cross-border electricity supplier industry, but also to make the shots in the hero instantly became a well deserved export electricity supplier, the first network of red". Of course, this is not accurate, because, in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, he was very famous. He is Xiao Siqing, the chairman of a tree group.


(tree group chairman Xiao Siqing)

is the following screenshot, so that the circle opened the pot, but also to Xiao Siqing and a tree once again become the focus of attention. When the director and he talked about cross-border mierkat this matter, Xiao total unconsciously laughed and said: "this is a prerequisite in the inside, and passed on when everyone is more concerned about the content itself. The company did not take this as a staff attendance assessment eliminated or positive a necessary index". In fact, this is just a WeChat message to Xiao Siqing was working state of individual young sales staff is poor, the purpose is to remind young people do not work hard, cruel market competition, will eventually be eliminated by the market. It can be said that behind this "nuqibuzheng" WeChat message, is a reflection of the fighting spirit and state tree of the team, this is the construction of the whole company management system is also a spiritual foundation, one of the important reasons why the tree can have today achievement.


September 2014, a business model with its advantages of the tree, has been favored by the capital market, attracted to the A round of financing, to 500 million yuan valuation, obtained 100 million yuan of financing. You know, this from the founder Xiao Siqing tree is only 4 years or so, at that time, a tree is still a large number of small businesses in North Huaqiang a. The advantages of Shenzhen electronic products manufacturing, as well as UAV parts abroad increasingly prosperous business, Xiao Siqing eBay and other electronic business platform, to earn a pot of gold. The pace of development has not stopped, there is a tree in the capital market to continue strode. June 2015, a tree to 1 billion 600 million yuan valuation, access to the B round of financing of $400 million. In April this year, a tree successfully listed three new board, and plans to enter the main board in 2017. Today, there is a tree in the city of Southern China office expanded to more than 8 thousand square meters, employees from 2014 to 2016 of the people of the year to 1800 people in the year of 300. And in the face of these results, but Xiao Siqing humble to be attributed to the main reason is better luck."

it is not luck, it is undeniable that there is a tree walk in the front, become a cross-border electricity supplier in many sellers, but also the envy of big sellers, known as "cross-border giants". For the current situation in the development of cross-border electricity supplier, Xiao Siqing believes that, in fact, has reached the end of the blue ocean, may be the next step is the red sea". In such a situation, the new small and medium sellers to enter is not a way to go?