Double eleven imminent you hold live it

distance double eleven shopping Carnival festival only less than 10 days, in the electricity supplier information line large and small sites are discussed in the eleven coming, also in the prediction of a double eleven will be what kind of a situation. In the memory of last year’s double eleven shopping Carnival Festival Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other large business platform to a hitherto unknown breakthrough, but the passage of time to today’s double eleven is able to surpass last year’s performance? These business platform bigwigs are therefore not broken up.

express industry expansion scale

looked back last year’s double eleven day, all express courier company than in the past single increased several times, it is also for this reason resulting in last year’s double eleven Festival express industry appeared in many problems. Courier delivery delays, courier and other various damage, and even some of the courier lost. In contrast, this year’s courier industry, in a month ago has begun to prepare for the preparation of the double eleven Carnival shopping festival. One of four CIS are expanding their site and storage sites, and even some temporary leased aircraft purchase of new vehicle 100 vehicles, recruit temporary workers up to hundreds, the purpose is to ensure that all the courier can quickly reach the destination in the double eleven, avoid last year the case happened again.

seller sophisticated tricks


in addition to the courier industry, I would like to be more concerned about these large and small businesses. We do not say that Jingdong, Suning electronic business platform business, millions of sellers with Taobao Tmall size, double eleven is their most important day of the year, so large and small sellers are also planning a marketing plan, in these millions of sellers, so-called marketing solutions emerge in an endless stream tricks. At the same time also needs to allocate each part of the division of labor, make the appropriate adjustments to increase customer service work, picking problem etc..

A new


more than two is attached to the two industry chain business platform, but their platform itself is one of the most important link, in the major electricity supplier platform, they are in their own platform for marketing planning programs and activities. After all, in this important festival, not only businesses to make money, but they also have their own platform to make more money, businesses sell more means that are better for their income, so the electricity supplier bigwigs also have to make a decision. For example, the mobile terminal strategy "Taobao double 11 period (11.1-11.18), mobile phone Taobao to come up with new single stand by 10 yuan, 50 million red envelopes, crazy to send a mobile phone to check the logistics to win free single and other play hit heavily to attract buyers, as you only need to inform the seller, in the shop, so he orders to buy domestic mobile phone. You can enjoy a variety of benefits, it can also help you. Increasing the conversion rate of the entire store turnover." As well as more marketing programs, etc..

in the electronic business platform strategy, there is such an industrial chain, then >