HTC Ren Weiguang look forward to electricity providers to solve more mobile phone channels


technology news (Zhu Xudong) reported on September 20th, speech, HTC Chinese President Ren Weiguang yesterday at the Jingdong store group procurement contract signing ceremony on the mobile phone he believes that mobile phone sales channels through a lot of changes in the past, but now the business is a big mobile phone channel.

Ren Weiguang said, in the mobile phone industry has 15 years of history, mobile phone sales channels will change every few years, from the initial channel operators to open channels, open channels for a period of time is also the hot TV shopping. However, the changes in these channels, the meaning of the mobile phone sales channel electricity supplier, almost equivalent to the mobile phone sales channels from the operator to open channels.

he admitted that, although HTC has been studying the mode of e-commerce sales of mobile phones, but still do not have a good grasp of the method, but also hope to continue to explore the cooperation and Jingdong.

for the electricity supplier channels, there are two main Ren Weiguang hope, the first is the hope that through electricity supplier channels will mobile phone sales to three or four line city, two is to use the long tail effect, driven by mobile phone, mobile phone providers and peripheral products customized sales.

for mobile phone manufacturers, in the big cities have completed the layout of the channel, but if you want to sink channels to small cities, will face a lot of cost pressures. For small and medium cities consumers, due to asymmetric information and limited choice, they can buy cost-effective mobile phone will be harder than people in big cities.

e-commerce model, in theory, it is easier to sell mobile phones to small cities. But Ren Weiguang said that the current situation is that through e-commerce channels to sell mobile phones, most still in the first tier cities. He hopes to solve the problem in the future.

customized for mobile phones and mobile phone peripheral products, Ren Weiguang said that most of these are still concentrated on the iPhone. He hoped that through e-commerce model, the use of the long tail effect of the Internet, HTC and other mobile phone brands to increase customized product sales.

In addition, Ren Weiguang said he recently and millet phone CEO Lei Jun (micro-blog) had been exchanged, compared to millet phone does not have any burden on the past channels, HTC in this area has a great historical burden. HTC want to go all the way e-commerce sales is not difficult, but how to solve the existing channels, how those employees will be a big problem placement." He said.