Dong Mingzhu will lift the price war to clean up said to be off the brand

Original title: GREE

Dong Mingzhu said firmly to "clean up" the air-conditioning industry "hard times"

the end of the year, GREE will set off a new round of air-conditioning price war, high inventory and price competition superposition, air-conditioning industry a bloody. Analysts said, next year the air conditioning industry to have a hard time to prepare".

GREE (000651.SZ) CEO Dong Mingzhu recently in a dealer meeting said, "this year is determined, must be clear"; "we will be back, really put those bad brand, fake, shoddy brands all destroyed, we will stop action."

National Day this year, GREE changed the norm, with a low price promotions, followed by the start of the old for new activities, in 2005 before the GREE air conditioning can reach 1000 yuan, to buy GREE inverter air conditioner. Dong Mingzhu’s above statement, which means that the price war will continue to set off GREE.

"First Financial Daily" reporter learned yesterday from a GREE store, GREE air conditioning plans to set off the second wave of naked price storm from December 26th, the specific price announced on 25. The store official said, is expected to be lower than usual price 5%-10%, but slightly higher than the National Day promotional prices, the end of the year is estimated to promote the maintenance of a week, the total plant resources, our basic profit guarantee."

may have experienced the first two price war baptism, the air conditioning companies are no longer on the surface at least panic.

, a large domestic air-conditioning business executives believe that GREE only fight price war the only way, in order to digest inventory, to complete the task of performance. We expect GREE to January next year, in February will be a price war, this is not a strange thing." In his view, the next 5-6 years, the domestic air conditioner market is still rigid demand, the current number of rural residents per household air conditioning only 20-30 units, while other white 60-80. Next year, the high inventory of enterprises is a platform period, the stock is the opportunity for small businesses."

AUX air conditioning spokesman Li Baiqiang said that AUX began to transition in 2013, to improve product quality, do fine air conditioning, no matter how GREE go, AUX still want to ensure product quality. This summer, after August, air-conditioning industry inventory reached the highest level in history, with domestic and international economic situation is not good, so the next year depends on the weather". Air conditioning there is a huge market, the rural air conditioner wall rate is not high, if the next hot, will be better; if it is not hot, we do not have a good day."


, "the top 6 air-conditioning industry has been stable, each have distinctive features and channels", Li Baiqiang believes that if the first-line brand price war, the lack of technology, channel three or four brand the most painful, "AUX, CHIGO, Hisense Kelon’s domestic sales were more than 5 million units, have a certain ability of cold resistance."

Galanz air conditioning director Gan Jianguo also believes that the main air-conditioning companies are now pursuing innovation, the