Feifei and improve the analysis of domestic automobile network marketing feature points

China’s Internet popularization and network marketing process, I have been in contact with the automotive industry has been widely used in network marketing. With the increasing development of network environment and technology, the network wide, search engine marketing, network public relations activities, network information dissemination and crisis has gradually become an important solution to the domestic auto market network marketing. I was finishing the following points, including the automotive industry in several major features of network marketing, and some need to pay attention to the content.

China automobile network marketing five features:

1 by the trend of marketing

by the trend of marketing, big events, or borrow annual holidays to attract people’s attention, such as: the world cup, World Expo, National Day holiday, this method is most suitable for the new car market, practical to do interactive marketing related. To ensure that the protracted war is the purpose of this marketing approach.

2 diversified integration

In fact,

, really, the greatest advantage of integrated marketing communication is to speak with the same voice, that is, the use of a variety of means of communication, to spread the same appeal to consumers. In this year’s yearbook candidate’s case, we are happy to see that, automobile enterprises have begun to learn the integrated use of a variety of network marketing tools, search engine, video, reputation, and other activities, the same is whether BMW Hitchcock suspense marketing, Ke Luzi or crazy jailbreak will allow us to see the next line, the line also need to interact do the integration. Needs to be emphasized is that the automobile integrated marketing need to brand as the core of the origin, in the form of marketing to different voices and keep step with simple fruit salad, instead of the mixing, to achieve harmony state.

3 scenarios marketing, all the way to the north of cross-border marriage

we all know that the car as an industrial product, itself is cold. Simple rational demands the technical level obviously lack good. According to the unique location of each car, concept, event fusion target consumer concern outside the car with a small manufacturing scenario with you, to avoid abrupt pure advertising. All the way to the north of cross-border marriage marketing: in recent years, the most popular and then separated from the rain is not open to the tourism industry needs to combine the model to marketing.

4 do the first eat crab crown marketing

automobile industry as deep pocketed advertisers, the heart is often the first attempt technology, used to be the first person to eat crab. The use of DIY technology needs to combine the heart and marketing, and brand appeal linked.

5 crazy focused search marketing

due to the complexity and high value of the car itself, most of China’s consumers do not know enough about the car, the consumer process presents a cautious and prudent situation. But consumers enter the Internet is the beacon of the sea search engine. According to the survey car brand search rose to search the top 20 brands, which is an important part of the purchase strategy.