Alipay wallet added two new features of small micro payment services 40 million investment fund set

Alipay wallet added two new features serving small and micro gold investment fund set up security

40 million

[TechWeb] reported on April 9th news, Alipay today announced the addition of two new features in Alipay wallet, respectively "equipment management" and "SMS bodyguard". These two new features to further enhance the safety of alipay. At the same time, Ali small and micro financial services group announced the establishment of 40 million investment fund.

it is reported that the "equipment management feature allows users to view used Alipay in which mobile phone in the mobile phone, but also the right to delete any mobile phone. After the deletion, the use of these phones again, as the first use." Need to fully enter the login password and payment password.

Alipay wallet added SMS bodyguard, this feature allows users to pay SMS to be properly protected, avoid malicious software (such as Trojans) interception.

at the same time, small and micro financial services group (chips) vice president, chief risk officer Hu Xiaoming announced in Beijing, will invest 40 million yuan to build a security fund with partners, mainly to invest in anti phishing defense, anti Trojan defense, anti money laundering and anti malicious attacks, user information protection etc..

Hu Xiaoming said that mobile payment is still in the start-up stage, lower the user a sense of security, a prosperity harmed, so I hope to walk together, put down the parochial prejudice to build the reputation of the industry. He also suggested that it will communicate with Tencent, 360 and other peers to explore cooperation.

, the security fund will be under the guidance of the competent authorities, with banks, financial institutions, security vendors to cooperate." Hu Xiaoming said.