Wo Wo Group sued for alleged infringement claims 550 thousand perfect aloe vera gel

(China) before perfect Co., Beijing Wo Wo Group information technology limited company sued the Haidian court that Wo Wo Group unauthorized use of network marketing "perfect aloe vera gel infringing goods, the compensation for the loss of 550 thousand yuan.

perfect company alleged that in 1999, the perfect company in third kinds of cleaning preparations, fragrances and cosmetics (refined sesame oil), perm water, soap, and other goods Cleansing Cream registered trademark No. 1332692nd, approved by a registered trademark office trademark. In 2009 to obtain renewal of the trademark is valid until 2019. With years of hard work, the company produced a trademark with the perfect aloe vera gel products popular.

2013, the company found the perfect Wo Wo Group website to RMB 8.8 yuan / or 8.9 yuan / piece of cheap, consumers "group purchase value of 38 yuan / perfect aloe vera gel, the use of the goods and perfect company No. 1332692nd of the same trademark logo. After the perfect company to verify, Wo Wo Group sales of goods packaging rough, anti-counterfeit labels and the plaintiff’s products completely inconsistent, which belongs to the infringing goods.

perfect company believes that the defendant without permission, the use of online sales of infringing trademark rights of the plaintiff’s registered trademark of goods, has seriously violated the plaintiff’s exclusive right to use a registered trademark. Because Wo Wo Group website click rate, wide consumer groups, large volume, its sales of infringing goods behavior on the reputation of the plaintiff caused great negative impact and economic losses, so the Beijing Wo Wo Group information technology limited company to compensate 550 thousand yuan.

at present, the case is under further investigation.