Maximum straight down 200 yuan Mobile Games artifact swept the glory glory X2 special purchases for

snow, frozen can not stop the footsteps of the new spring, not ablation of happy atmosphere, Spring Festival is approaching, in order to serve the new and old customers trust and support over the past year, started the battle of glory, January 18th -1 month 20 days every three hours (10:08, 16:00, 20:00, 20:00) for three days in late January 21st, four night Carnival struck a comprehensive promotion. During the event, the glory of the whole line of product sales, which, the glory of the family’s star class products – glory X2, will also appear in the new year carnival. During the event, the glory of X2 will bring consumers heavy huge benefits, the highest straight down 200 yuan, unprecedented.


it is understood that the "glory glory HUAWEI joint special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival mall, Jingdong Tmall mall, HUAWEI official flagship store three business platform for consumers to send surprise value, offer a new year There was no parallel in history. Carnival activities, which, in flat products, the glory of X2 will be used as the main products of strong incoming activity during landing HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong (, Tmall HUAWEI mall official flagship store ( to purchase the glory X2, can enjoy the highest straight down 200 yuan huge benefit activities, of which 1999 yuan original glory X2 double 4G Standard Version for only 1799 yuan, the original 1799 glory X2 mobile 4G Standard Edition for only 1699 yuan, as a surprise last new year, the opportunity not to be missed.


is one of the hottest tablet mobile phone network, the glory of X2 to perfect detail design and core configuration powerful glamour, with the ultimate big screen, extreme endurance by consumers, has made a great achievement in the past year. I believe this at the beginning of the market in a huge circle of mobile phone products, will once again lead a wave of panic buying, become part of the festival special purchases for the Spring Festival a shining star".

as the world’s first 7 inches over the dual core of the 64 tablet phone, the glory of X2 not only has the charm of the tablet also has the same function of the phone. Among them, 7 inch big screen, full metal body, accuracy up to 323PPI Full HD LTPS screen is one of the most outstanding characteristics; secondly, the glory X2 equipped with kylin 930 processor, super eight core chip which clocked at 2.0GHz’s robust and lower energy consumption, and have a faster network speed, so you can enjoy the ultimate smooth Internet speed. According to the test data show that the glory of the X2 application running rate increased by 70%, the image download speed increased by 75%, web browsing speed increased by 100%. In addition, 5000mAh lithium polymer battery and equipped with intelligent power 2.5 hardware and software integration power saving >