The ups and downs of social web content and relationship

domestic social networking sites are facing the biggest problem, in fact, can be attributed to the content and relationship entanglement. For a social media, the relationship between people and the contents of the spread are inextricably linked. The mutual influence and restriction of the two plays an important role in the trend of the social network.

content dependent on

first, after the introduction of several major domestic portal micro-blog, the first thing is to heavily invite popular star settled in micro-blog, which attract users to register. This is the relationship between the desires of the people through psychology of public figures to pull between people and people, bring the celebrity centered together the crowd effect. This allows micro-blog to become a fan of the mouth water to a certain extent, face up as the birthplace of the danger of gossip piece.

two, this is not the real meaning of social, social networking for people to spread the value of sharing information is not properly demonstrated. But there is no doubt that micro-blog is indeed set up domestic relationship in this special "attention" and "attention", fans continue to disseminate information, set up a micro-blog original content, and this depends on celebrities while maintaining hits blog does not seek for. Content is not based on the relationship is not normal, but micro-blog does not have the power to tie up the personal social relations.

content is more important than the relationship

, now several major portals have expressed their support to the new media development for micro-blog media portal, micro-blog on the one hand, carefully spread the current hot spots to expand its functions, on the other hand, but still can not get rid of free land in slobber. In fact, micro-blog has developed to the present, there is no real attention to every common people’s own desire to share. For a media, the value of the dissemination of news information, for a social networking site, people need to be more comfortable to pursue what they need.

two, so whether it is micro-blog or light blog, content is more important than the relationship. With the protection of the content, the user’s own self personalization can be extended, the user is very necessary to obtain information based on their own subjective judgment. With the content of the natural resonance to attract people to personalized interest as the center, to build relationships. Such a platform will be rational calm not impetuous, the purpose of news dissemination can be achieved.

in China, the social relations of the QQ is still in an invincible position, while the Chinese people are weak social, social desire is not so strong. Relatively speaking, people access to information and expression view needs more obvious social, domestic application, we should pay more attention to Internet users to share information content itself, rely on the impetuous media to bundle users, development orientation of social networking sites can only deviate from itself.

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