Online shop experience

open shop has for a long time, the feeling is a word "tired"! The first choice is to open shop the little mouse to make easy money, in fact is not so simple, online commodity prices are low, price positioning is not good to sell, and store management is also a very deep knowledge, need to decoration. To do publicity, it is very troublesome, but I still insist on doing my network of shops, and not to open the store, there are N reasons.

1 procedures simple online shop does not need too many procedures, do not run the industry and commerce, do not run the tax, do not need a long wait for the procedures required for the store business, the key is to earn money do not pay taxes!

2 do not have to invest a lot of money shop does not have to spend the store rent, open the store, choose a prime store, the rent can be expensive, if not the prime locations, it is necessary to worry about the business. Open shop only need a small part of the physical store rent, you can build a super network shop.

3 does not need to stay in the store all day, with a physical store, but which can not go, the business is not good enough to pay the cost, if the business is good, to hire a clerk, but also need to manage. But the shop, tired, rest in bed, rang up to hear want to do business, it is nice! Good business do not have to worry about rent money back, only goods money, this is already prepared for the backlog, thousand yuan of money there is no pressure on me.

4 is the psychological pressure! Costs less, worry less, do not hire clerk, without personnel management, there are not so many expenses, do not have to worry about the shop theft and other accidents, the psychological pressure of the absolute light.

5 is that love the Internet, do not open shop when I also love the Internet, open shop more reason for the Internet every day, look at the news, listen to music, making friends, learning, money, happiness within


6 the most important thing is that I am easy to sell in China Network ( to find a few good sources, the success of the agent has also been a good price, so with a certain degree of confidence.


actually what shop are tired, need careful management, but I only love to open shop, open shop I don’t have a lot of reasons, now only thought of the 6, but it is my real experience!