To sell the site in fact very simple sell stand model

model (brackets are analyzed):

Netcom movie website (website name)

PR=1, the site has been filed, using the 57OO version of the collection process, the background function is not very full, so there are a lot of things I edit directly through the web page editing software, huh, huh, huh. Baidu included from page 1000, up to more than 10 thousand pages, from 10 thousand pages directly up to 50 thousand pages, and then gradually rose to 130000, with no previous settings page in the META tag, so that the flow has been relatively small, just a few days before the META tag, after Baidu update a few a 100 page flow is gradually increased, from 800 up to about 1300. (history, a brief introduction of the website of course, introduce more positive content)

say a little bit every day, Baidu will update my web site, GG included nearly 10000 pages. The weight of the external links are very high, if there are several PR3 and PR4, such as, the PR is 4, his home only two links, one of which is my. The other is Baidu included pages, update fast. (outside the chain, the importance of the search engine included I don’t have to say it?)

At present,

flow 1200IP+, 10000PV+. March April income 300 yuan, income of 400 yuan, I do a lot of advertising, including GG, 7clink exchange chain, Ali mother, sold 2200 yuan. Master all know, for a gradually profitable website, the price is not high. Because I’m not as some station upstart like website, flow rapidly from 0 rose to more than 1 thousand, I was from every day dozens of IP, a little bit longer up. That is to say, I this station can have a stable income. We can count, a few months can earn this. Of course, the price can be negotiated. As long as you have to convince my reasons. (others received your website is to what? Of course is to make money! The world, survival is the most important. It seems a bit paoti, oh. I just want to make it clear that you want to let others know what you stand for, and how much he can earn after you buy it.

in addition, please do not when I was a beggar, do not think that relied on a few money with black boss like I say, I’m not understand this, if you are, please don’t come, I won’t lose for a mere 2200 yuan of money and dignity! (the webmaster you can write some similar words in the post, so as to reflect your spirit, and let the buyers better pay attention to you, they will give you the impression of a relatively high score, you feel good, of course, will be more smooth transactions)

brother is 15 years old this year, the network age has six or seven years, two years ago, fell in love with the website, this is what I do third sites, now also do incursion network (www.2>